We Are True

We are different, which means we are not like everyone else.

We believe that a winning marketing lies in close relationships. Among brands, among people and vice versa.

What does it mean? It means that our job is to create for each brand as many relationships as possible and to preserve, nurture and strengthen those relationships. That’s why they call us TRUE, for trust is everything when it comes to a good relationship.

We believe that our people (and people in general) are “charms”, which means that we must believe in them in order to succeed. So, we believe in our employees, we love them, we nurture them, we teach them, we support them, they strengthen us, and we are evolving with them. We basically do everything so together we can and will succeed.

We believe that God is in the details, of every kind and size. It does not matter if it is a banner, an ad, a door hanger or a Super Ball commercial. What matters is, that at this age we’re living in, each encounter between the brand and the consumer creates a viral potential.

We believe in real facts. We always strive to find the real, most powerful story of any brand. We learn it, understand it, give it life, character, and personality. Then and only then, we distill it into a single, sharp, relevant and differentiated message.

If we had to put it in one single message it will go like this: with a strong core and stable roots, the treetop has no limits.

We’re kicking our ego every single day. We don’t believe in surrendering to patterns and conventions even if we have created them.

We are looking for new ways to dance, but not to dance as if no one is looking, but dance like everyone is looking and wants to dance like we do.

We got the show on the road in 2010. Where do we see ourselves in five, ten or twenty years? On a higher ground and walking down (or might we say up) the same road. Never stop growing, never stop learning, never stop creating new relationships, never cease to find new markets, never stop to expand toward other continents, never stop to look for new truths. And always, always try and be the best Agency. Shall we go on? 

True Capabilities


Digital Strategy / Digital Asset Management / Content Management / Consulting and accompanying in building digital platforms on web and mobile / Digital advertising and performance / Google SEO / SEM/GDN


Copywriting / Graphic Design / Screenwriting / Print / Radio / Marketing content / BTL / Web Design


Marketing research / Market analysis / Brand and advertising strategy / Strategic consulting


Content Strategies / Social strategy / Establishing and managing arenas in social media / Campaign and activity management


Planning and Strategy / Procurement / Campaigns Management


Branding Strategy / Branding language / Logo Design / Product branding / Booths for exhibitions and conferences

True Relationships